Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
Vastu Sangrahalaya

formerly prince of wales museum of western india


Miniature Paintings

Meeting of Rama and Parushurama Folio from a set of Ramayana. Dated Samvat 1706 = A.D.1649 Rajasthani, Udaipur . Artist : Manohar Full Page :…
Folio from an illustrated manuscript of Laur Chanda Sultanate Period Probably Delhi-Jaunpur belt 1525 - 1575 A.D. Folio: 20.6 x 27.2 cms Painting: 14.1 x…
Black Buck and Doe Mughal End of 17th Century A.D Full page: 35.4 x 25 cms Painting: 26.2 x 18.3 cms (Acc. No.15.281)
Folio no 37 from the illustrated manuscript of Kalpasutra and Kalakacharya Katha Western India Circa 1375 A.D. Folio : 30 x 8.6 cms Painting :…

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