Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
Vastu Sangrahalaya

formerly prince of wales museum of western india


Silk, Brocade Paithan, Maharashtra 19th century A.D. 542 x 108 cms. (Acc. No. 97.12/4) Gift of Shri Bansi Mehta from his wife Sushila Asher’s Collection
Cotton, gold-wrapped yarn Resist dyeing Kuruppur, Tanjore District, Tamil Nadu 18th century A.D. 468 x 153 cms. (Acc. No. 15.79)
Silk, Tanchoi Surat, Gujarat c. 1870 A.D. 600 x 125.5 cms. (Acc. No. 83.4/3)
Pashmina Wool Kashmir Late 18th century A.D. 242 x 117.5 cms. (Acc. No. 53.40)
Silk, Patola, Patan, Gujarat18th century A.D. 375 x 138 cms.(Acc. No. 55.55)

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