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Krishna explaining the importance of trees to gopas

Datia, Central India

Mid 18th century CE

38.2 x 29.3 cms.

Acc. No. L82.2/4

This illustration from the Bhagavata Purana depicts one of the childhood exploits of Krishna. This painting is exclusive as the artist depicts Krishna’s conversation on the importance of trees; a relevant topic even today.

“Have a look at these trees that live only for the welfare of others while they themselves undergo stormy winds, heavy showers, summer heat and snow and save us from it all.

The birth of trees is auspicious as it contributes to the well-being of all creatures. Just as no needy person returns disappointed from the benevolent, so is the case with a person who approaches a tree for shelter.

They fulfill the desires of others by their leaves, flowers, fruits, shade, roots, bark, wood, fragrance, gum, ashes, coal and tender leaves.”

Bhagavata Purana X 22.30-35