Art360° Series | Watercolour Painting | Indrajit Prasad
Numismatics: What coins tell us
An Exotic Encounter
Guided tour
Art360° Series | Doodle Workshop | Purva Pandit
Portrait Demonstration
Marathi Walkthrough of An Exotic Encounter
Hindu and Buddhist Heritage of Thailand
Why Photographs? Safeguarding Heritage
Michelangelo’s Celebrated Frescoes of the Creation, Fall, and Judgment of Man in the Sistine Chapel
Workshop | Art360° series | Basic Urdu Calligraphy | Zeenat Kulavoor
Art, Science and Philosophy in Raphael’s Frescoes in the Vatican
Discussion on Laws related to Heritage Conservation
Baroque Grandeur of Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s Works at the Basilica of St. Peter’s
Indian Life and People in the 19th Century
The Living Cathedral
Concert by Ustad Amjad Ali Khan & Sons
34th Coomaraswamy Memorial Lecture - ‘Architecture is a living organism’
Guardian of the Flame: MIyan Himmat Khan and the Last of the Mughal Emperors
Art360° Series | Christmas Doodles | 22 December
Art Workshop: Watercolor Painting | 5 January
Nayikas of Kalidasa
Preservation of Art Deco Buildings
India’s Forgotten Coastal Monuments
Identity, Image, Representation
Asoka – A Biographical Account
Art360° series | Palette Knife and Mixed Media Painting | Ami Patel
Karnatik Kattaikkuttu
J Gerson Da Cunha – A Figure of note in 19th Century Bombay
CSMVS @ Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2019
Art360° series | Sketchwalk | Sameer Kulavoor
Continuity and Change by Dr. B. N. Goswamy
My Little Museum
Inauguration of Children's Museum
Museums and Education
On The Rocks
Seminar on Mughal Miniature Paintings
Photography Competition
Walkthrough in Marathi
Walkthrough in English
Summer fun Activites
International Museum Day 18th May 2019
World Environment Day | 1st to 5th May 2019
Calligraphy On Umbrella