Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

(Formerly Prince of Wales Museum of Western India)

Jade Mughal
Mid 18th Century A.D.
Sir Ratan Tata Collection
Ht. : 6.2 Dia: 15 cms
(Acc. No. 22.1342)

Basalt Pitalkhora,
Aurangabad District, Maharashtra
2nd Century B.C.
165 x 66 x 52 cms
(Acc. No. S 66.58 )

Shiva Gana,
Red Sandstone Khoh, Satna District Madhya Pradesh
5th Century A.D.
Gift of Smt. Pupul Jayakar
69 x 49.5 x 25 cms
(Acc. No. S. 61.1)

Grey Schist Gandhara,
Pakistan 3rd Century A.D.
19 x 32 x 8.5 cms
(Acc. No. S 15)

Table Screen
Hardwood inset with Greyish Nephrite Qing dynasty, Qianlong period
1736-1795. A.D.
Sir Ratan Tata Collection
H: 30.5 cms
(Acc. No. 22.1274)

Ming Dynasty
522 - 1566 A.D.
Sir D.J. Tata Collection
Ht: 23.4cms Dia: 5.5 cms
(Acc. No. 33.1331)

Porcelain with gold decoration over red enamel and four character mark, 'Fugui-jiaqi', (refined ware used by the wealthy and noble) Jiangxi province, Jingdezhen production Ming dynasty, Jiajing Period.