Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

(Formerly Prince of Wales Museum of Western India)

The Mahomaden Pilgrim

Object of the Month- July 2014

‘The Mahomaden Pilgrim’ is the painting by Savalaram Haldankar which won him the gold medal in 1925 in the exhibition of Bombay Art Society. On the mountainous background, an old man draped in shawl is set off for the pilgrimage carrying a huqqa and a bundle. The high points of this painting are the dramatic effect achieved through light and shade. He had a fascination to depict play of light and shadows. Haldankar was a promising student of art since childhood. Inspired by his teacher, N. S. Malankar, he joined Sir J. J. School of Art, Bombay as a student in 1903. He was taught by Cecil Burns, Walter Robotham, Ganpatrao Kedari and A. X. Trindade.

18th century CE
9.2 x 10cms
Karl & Meherbai Khandalavala Collection

Parvarti dressed in a saree sitting on a low seat with baby Ganesha on her lap. Her head his adorned with a crescent. By the side of the seat, there is an unfinished drawing of a seated man. Curtain like fold of drapery are seen behind the image.

11th century CE
113 x 93 x 49 cms
S 108

The image s intended for a regular ceremonial ritual of the worship of Shiva – Parvati and family. The rectangular Gauripatta, the receptacle on which the image has been installed has an outlet to drain the ablution water.

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