Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

(Formerly Prince of Wales Museum of Western India)

Feeding the Parrot
Pestonji Bomanji (1851-1938 A.D.) Bombay School
Oil on canvas
Signed, dated 1882 A.D.
Painting: 76.5 x 61 cms.
(Acc. No. 23.4673)

Dated A.H. 991= A.D.1582
Ht. : 15.5 x Dia. : 34.5 cms
(Acc. No. 56.61)

Mysore, Karnataka
1903 A.D.
Sir Ratan Tata Collection
48.2x65.7x51 cms
(Acc. No. 22.3106)

Baramasa Set
Rajasthani, Bundi
circa 1770 CE
24.5 x 15 cms.
Object of the Month - January 2016

Hindu month of Pausa. The poet Keshavdas says that

In the month of Pausa nobody likes cold things, whether they are water, food, dress or house. Even the earth and sky have become cold. In this season everyone rich and poor alike, likes oil (massage of oil), cotton (cotton filled clothes), betel, fire (to warm the room), sunshine and company of woman.

Gouache on paper
Deccani, Satara
Dated 1854 AD
31.2 x 23 cm
Object of the Month - September 2015

Ragamala Set
Rajasthani, Kotah
Late 18th Century CE
Object of the Month - July 2015

Ragamala paintings depict Ragas’ respective personified form or presiding deified form conceived by traditional musicians and poets. These paintings were created in albums containing most often 36 or 42 folios, organized in a system of ‘families’ consisting of a male Raga as its head and 5 or 6 Raginis (wives), sometimes many Ragaputras (sons) and Ragaputris (daughters) and even Putravadhus (daughters-in-law).

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