Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

For Students

Guided Tours

Guided tours can be booked by educational groups on request. Particularly popular are our CSMVS Highlights tour and the Children’s Special tour. All tours are led by a member of the Education team. Following are the tours offered.

  • CSMVS Highlights Tour- Important masterpieces in the Museum’s collection, at a quick glance.
  • Children’s Special Tour- Explore children’s three most favourite galleries in the Museum- the Natural History Section, Pre and Proto History Gallery and Arms and Armour Gallery.
  • Decoding History through Art- through 10 selected objects; discover how art is a window to learning about the history of a certain period.
  • Nature at CSMVS- Discover and learn all about the plentiful flora that the city of Mumbai has been endowed through some exotic and rare plants and trees in the Museum’s own gardens.


For school/college groups up to 100 people, the Museum conducts orientation sessions which include a slide presentation and/or film to introduce the Museum and give information about its history and collections.


Special Talks

The Education team delivers special gallery talks or lectures on a variety of curriculum-related or gallery specific subjects. Talks are accompanied by slide-illustrated presentationsand sometimes with handling kits.

  • Evolution of Mankind
  • Settled Life and Urban Civilisations
  • Indus Iconography through Sculptures
  • Harappan Technology and Skill and its Continuing Traditions
  • The Story of Buddhism- Birth and Spread
  • Mughal History in Art
  • Life at the Royal Court
  • Endangered Animals
  • The History of Mumbai
  • Museum as a Source of Learning

You can team this up with a documentary film on topics related to the art collection in the Museum and the different traditional arts of India. Each film is about 20 – 30 minutes.


Documentary films

  1. History’s Greatest Mystery (Subject: Harappan Civilisation)
  2. Timeless Art (Subject: Indian Sculpture)
  3. Timeless Portrayal (Subject: Indian Miniature Painting)
  4. Timeless Evolution (Subject: Natural History of India)
  5. Indian Arms and Armour (Subject: Indian Arms and Armour)
  6. In Harmony with Nature (Subject: Warli painting in Maharashtra and Gujarat)
  7. Tana-Bana (Subject: Textiles in Gujarat and Rajasthan)
  8. Black Gold of Bidar (Subject: Art of Bidri making)
  9. Spirit of Beauty (Subject: Himalayan Art)
  10. Krishna Through Story and Song (Subject: Krishna in Art and Culture)
  11. Jhini Jhini
  12. Timeless

Gallery Tours

The Museum organises gallery tours for groups of 25 to 40 persons. These are customised tours of specific galleries or collections of the Museum which you wish to focus on


Booking Information

Booking must be made a week in advance. All sessions are conducted on request and as per availability. Email for bookings and more information or call at 2284 4484/4519