Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

(Formerly Prince of Wales Museum of Western India)

Coin Of Chandragupta II

Coin Of Chandragupta II

Gupta dynasty
375-414 A.D.
Size: 2 cms .
Weight: 7.81 gms
Accession Number: 28142

Towards the beginning of the 4th Century A.D. the Gupta dynasty rose out of a small principality in North India and established a powerful and prosperous empire that lasted for more than two hundred years. The Gupta era hence came to be known as the Golden Age of Indian History. The Guptas issued coins of gold, silver, copper and lead. The gold coinage of the Gupta rulers is remarkable for its superb execution and artistic merit. The coins are thematic and depict various facets of the Gupta rulers’ personal and social life.

The ornate script on the coin is Brahmi. This coin was issued by Chandragupta II, the third Gupta King. Proud of their multi-faceted personalities, the Gupta kings conciously depicted themselves engaged in various martial as well as artistic activities. In this coin, we see Chandragupta II in the act of felling a lion with his bow and arrow. The Brahmi legend below his left arm reads ‘Chandra’ and that around the coin reads –‘Devashri Maharajadhiraja Shree Chandragupta’ On the reverse of the coin is the Goddess Laxmi, seated on a lotus. The legend on the reverse reads ‘Shrivikramah’ This coin belongs to the famous Bayana hoard found in Rajasthan. Provenance: