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formerly prince of wales museum of western india

Euro-Indian Artists in Kolkata and Mumbai: 1770 – 1870  
Friday, October 13, 2017, 06:00pm
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‘Euro-Indian Artists in Kolkata and Mumbai: 1770 – 1870’

by Mr. Jawhar Sircar

In collaboration with the Museum Society of Mumbai

Auditorium, Visitors Centre, CSMVS

European artists have left behind a veritable archive of life-like portrayals of Indian subjects, with the exactitude of photographs. India is thus exceptionally endowed with visual records of every facet of life and landscape that cover a whole century before photography arrived. Sircar explains the significance and present utility of this unique treasure.

About the speaker

Jawhar Sircar was the former Union Culture Secretary and later CEO of India's public broadcaster, Prasar Bharati. His research and publications are on cultural, historical and anthropological subjects and he contributes regularly to the major national papers and journals.

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