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Folios from a set of Ramayana

Folios from a set of Ramayana

The Museum acquired nineteen folios of a dispersed Ramayana set painted during the patronage of Maharana Jagat Singh I (1628-52 CE), whose atelier was crowned by two great artists: Sahebdin and Manohar. The king seems to have been particularly interested in large and extensive illustrations of the epics and the puranas. Though Mewar paintings are known from the time of Chawand Ragamala dated 1605 CE, the Mewar style was properly defined by the paintings of these illustrated manuscripts. Sahebdin and Manohar continued to a great extent with the Indian colour tonalities, flat backgrounds, prominently Indian narrative style and bold draughtsmanship. The colophon reads: In Samvat 1706, on the thirteenth day of the dark half of Margasirsha, Thursday, in the city of Udaipur situated in Mewar, in the victorious reign of Maharajadhiraj Maharana Jagat Singh, the painter Manohar (illustrated the manuscript).

The book was written by Mahatma Hirananda at the command of the teacher Jasvantji.

Provenance: Rajasthani, Udaipur

Date: Dated Samvat 1706 = 1649 CE

Artist: Manohar

Accession Number: 54.1/19

A folio from this collection is on display in the Indian Miniature Painting Gallery