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The ‘Sunfish’ is a deep sea dwelling fish which is rarely found on the surface of the sea. This fish was caught in an unknown fisherman's net, who dumped the fish at the Sassoon dock when no one was willing to purchase it. Mr. Ganesh Nakhwa, the President of the All India Persian Fisher Welfare Association and a fisherman, understanding the rarity of the species approached the Museum via the Mumbai edition desk of the Marathi daily newspaper Tarun Bharat'.

The specimen has been identified as Bump-head Sunfish or Southern Sunfish which is rarely seen in the marine ecosystem of the state of Maharashtra. This sunfish can reach up to 3.3m in length and 2300kg in mass, making it one of the two heaviest bony fish on Earth. This specimen was about three feet long and weighing thirty kilograms. Their food consists of jellyfish, squids, mollusks and small fishes.