Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

Month of Jyestha



20th century CE


Dnyanadeva was the founder of the Bhakti movement in Maharashtra. The Yoga and Bhakti were synthesised by him into the advaita-bhakti in all his four works: Dnyaneshvari, Amritanubhava, Chandeva-pasashti and the Abhanga Gatha.

It is the Dnyaneshwari that establishes him as one of the famous poets of his time. It is a popular interpretation of the Bhagavadagita presenting its teachings in an extremely poetical manner. The grand epilogue called Pasayadana to this monumental work is very significant where he asks for the grace of God. His Abhagas (a collection of devotional lyrics) are equally rich in poetry and spirituality. His Haripatha contains very core of his teachings.