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Month of Jyestha

Month of Jyestha

From a set of Baramasa

Rajasthani, Bundi, circa 1770 CE


Jyestha is the third month of the Hindu calendar and is associated with the high summer.

Baramasa, the twelve months (Chaitra, Baisakha, Jyeshtha, Ashadha, Shravan, Bhadon, Ashvina, Kartika, Agahana, Pausha, Magh and Phalguna) of Indian calendar found recognition in the poetry of many poets.

About Baramasa, there are 13 couplets (one doha and 12 chupai) mentioned in Keshavdasa’s Kavipriya. Keshavdasa starts Baramasa with the month of Chaitra and ends with the month of Phalguna. His poetry mirrors his mastery of the selection of words and phrases and describes the life, ceremonies and rituals of the people in different seasons. This has been given visual life especially by the Rajasthani and Pahari painters – each month suggesting a different kind of mood or behaviour. It is a popular subject in Bundi school as it gives the artists an opportunity to indulge in his love for landscape.