Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya


Holy Family preparing Bhang

Gouache on Paper

Pahari, Garhwal

last decade of 18th century

Karl and Meherbai Khandlavala Collection


The theme of Shiva's family engaged in different acttivities was fairly popular with Pahari artists and several versios still exist. Shiva, with the crescnet moon on his matted hair, and Parvati are busy preapring bhang, the favourite drink of Shiva. The three-headed Kartikeya, though young and well aware of the effectsof the intoxicating drink, eagerly rushes to his motherto get his share in the bowls held in his hands, while Ganesha quietly steals the drink fom the main container with his long trunk.

There were occasions when artists liked to thin of the great and treeible Shiva as a home-loving god, mindful of his devoted wife of royal estate, who never wearied of tramping the mountains with him.
The Hill folk believe that on Mahashivratri, Shiva and his family can still be seen trekking through the mountains on their way to Mount Kailash.