Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya


A View of Chandpal Ghat

Drawn by James Baillie Fraser (1783-1856)

Engraved by Robert Havell Junior

Coloured Aquatint

Published in London, 1826

H 36.5 x L 54.4 cms


This is plate 1 from James Baillie Fraser's 'Views of Calcutta and its Environs'. Fraser arrived in Calcutta in 1814 and in six years had produced these animated sketches of the busy city, published later as a collection of twenty-four superbly aquatinted plates.

This first plate in the collection extends from the west end of the city, where Esplanade Row meets the River Hooghly. It was the main landing place for visitors to the fast-growing city. The chunam (lime) - covered buildings, shining brightly in the sunshine, as here, were an exciting introduction to the city.