Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya



Tamil Nadu

Period of Raja Raja Chola, Early 11th century CE

Ht. 39.1 cm

Karl & Meherbai Khandlavala Collection


Out of the various forms of Shiva, the image of Chandrashekara is peaceful and benign. As his name indicates, he has the moon on his head adorning his matted locks.

According to the legend, Shiva repulsed the demons with nonchalance. They threw at him a black antelope, but he killed it and held aloft. They flung the crescent at him, but he caught it and tucked it in his hair. Chandrashekhara stands erect, holding an axe and an antelope in his upper two hands. His right hand is in the abhayamudra, while with the other one he bestows a boon. His slim and elegant body is decorated with the necklaces, armlets, earrings and other ornaments.

This beautiful statuette, produced during the reign of the famous Chola King Raja Raja Chola in the 11th century CE, is a typical of the Chola bronze.