Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

CSMVS – GMCC (Gulf Museum Consultancy Company WLL)

The first phase of the DAI-CSMVS conservation project began on April 01, 2017. This phase involved the conservation of artefacts of priority from the DAI collection. The objects, mostly of South Arabian origin were of varied metallic compositions. This project required conservators from CSMVS to be deputed to Kuwait to help conserve the collection.

Staff of CSMVS is being deputed in cycles of 45 days. Seven cycles have been completed in the first phase.

The CSMVS Conservation team involves: Mr. Anupam Sah (Head of Art Conservation, Research and Training, CSMVS), Mr. Omkar Kadu (Assistant Curator, Conservation) Mr. Lalit Pathak (Sr. Paper Conservator), Mr. Nikhil Ramesh (Conservator-Restorer) and Mr. Swapnil Sutar (Assistant Conservator).

The work was carried out in a systematic approach that included:

Organisation of the Conservation Systems: The conservation work space was reorganized immediately on arrival of the team. All necessary paperwork, document sheets, analysis formats, reporting formats, work methodology etc were designed and got approved by the Curator DAI.

Condition Assessment: The condition of the objects was examined and the conservation treatment was proposed to DAI and approved by both parties.

Technical Analysis: Composition of the objects was determined using X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometry and digital microscopic examination.

Conservation of artefacts: The objects were conserved by the CSMVS team. The CSMVS team worked 6 days a week, from 9:30 AM to 6.00 PM. 14 objects were completed to the satisfaction of the Curator and handed over to DAI. All reports have been prepared and documentation maintained.

Training: The CSMVS conservation team also reactivated the technical equipment that was available at DAI and trained the staff in its use.