Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya


Between 2008-2015 CSMVS MACC has conducted over 50 workshops on conservation-restoration, collection care and technical studies, many on its own initiative and some on requests from other institutions and State governments. Training programmes and workshops are designed on request.

Please write to us to attend or partner on workshops.

Workshops in the Past

Sl. Workshop Venue Reach Participation Impact
 1 X Ray Fluorescence  CSMVS, Mumbai Local  20 The aim was to understand the mechanism of operation of the handheld X ray Fluorescence device from Bruker Elemental.
2 Technical Meetings on Conservation  CSMVS, Mumbai Local 25 These meetings focused on approaches to conservation and application of certain scientific methodologies in conservation treatments for stone, terracotta, metals, paintings on paper and canvas, wall paintings, etc.
3 Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Operation and Maintenance CSMVS, Mumbai Local 20

Understanding of the operation and maintenance of the FTIR instrument and introduction to the software’s (Opus) more advanced features is pertinent to the upgradation of the staff’s skill-sets.

4 Paper Conservation Training Workshop CSMVS, Mumbai Local 20 A number of students trained in this workshop are now learning to become conservators. The principal of the college requested that the students be trained in art conservation so that they ar able to take care of St. Xavier’s rare books and heritage collections.
5 National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore NGMA, Bangalore; Karnatak Local 10

Complete condition assessment of the entire collection was done by the staff of NGMA.

6 Climate Monitoring Shrujan Trust, Kutch; Gujarat Local 18

The staff continuously monitored the climate in their storage and also volunteered for one month at the CSMVS Museum Art Conservation Centre to train themselves in care and conservation of textiles. They have now set up their own textile museum i.e.e the Living and Learning Design Centre, Kutch.

7 Collection Management Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur; Rajasthan Local 12

After the observation of the storage and conservation section, CSMVS drafted a plan to redevelop their conservation centre and storage areas according to the various material types.

8 Intensive Course on Curative Conservation of Manuscripts

HIMSHACO, Nainital;

All India  25

At the end of the one month intensive training course, each candidate, under supervision of experienced conservator-restorers, implemented remedial conservation on manuscripts. The materials generated during this workshop were collated for the ACRP documents.


9 Photographs Conservation and Collections Management

CSMVS, Mumbai

All India 53

This was the first time such a symposium and workshop was conducted in India. A large group of photographers and photography enthusiasts gathered and participated in this workshop from all over the country.

10 Art Conservation Solutions and Strategies especially for Coastal Areas

Madhavan Nayar Foundation, Edapally; Kerala

All India 30

A lot of artists and art students from Kerala have continued to seek CSMVS MACC’s advice for care of collection in Kerala’s hot and humid climatic conditions.

11 Initiation Workshop;  Antifungal Treatment of Christian art objects

Museum of Christian Art, Goa

All India 10

The staff of Museum of Christian Art along with members from other institutions successfully treated the fungal infected objects in the collection.

12 Workshop on Establishment of a Paper Conservation Unit Central State Library, Goa All State 41 41 librarians from all over Goa attended this workshop. A paper conservation unit was set up after the conservation training course at the library itself.
13 X- Ray Fluorescence

IGNCA, Delhi

All India 52

The use of this new technology was introduced to practitioners in India. This hands on workshop created demand for analysis of pigments used in Indian art.

14 X- Ray Fluorescence CSMVS, Mumbai All India 45  
15 Preparation of Base Documents for Care of Christian Art Museum of Christian Art, Goa All State 40 Conservators, conservation architects, professors, and museum curators in Goa as well as members of the Church and various parishes in Goa participated to know more about storage and care of collections.
16 Art Conservation First Steps CSMVS, Mumbai St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai  33

A syllabus for conservation was created for the students at the Masters level. Students have enrolled as volunteers and trainees for conservation.
St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai has decided to set up a conservation training centre in the college.


Museums Matter – India Australia Connections.
Building and Environment Design for Care of Cultural Collections in Coastal Areas

CSMVS, Mumbai  All India  35 Collaborations with Australia are being planned.

Reorganisation of historical, sacred and artistic works in the storage


Tawang Monastery,
Arunachal Pradesh

Local   20 Senior monks of the monastery showed interest in the preservation of their collection of historical, sacred and artistic works at the museum and in the storage. The monks realised that with a little bit of directed effort their disorganised store can be set right in a proper manner.
 19 Three Manuscripts

Conservation Workshops

Basgo, Leh;
Jammu & Kashmir


Three Manuscripts
Conservation Workshops

 10 The first training workshop at Basgo led to two follow up workshops in which the village youth were trained in manuscript conservation keeping their traditional methods and practices of handling a manuscript in mind. 

A manuscript conservation unit has been established at the Basgo Monastery.