Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya


Objectives and Activities


“If you cannot come to the Museum, the Museum will come to you”

MoW Vision Mission

Citi-CSMVS Museum on Wheels

The Museum on Wheels is a pioneering outreach initiative for the city of Mumbai, a Bus with travelling exhibitions on different themes, which change periodically. The Bus is designed to reach mainly schools, colleges, NGOs within the city of Mumbai and beyond, into the interiors of Maharashtra with an aim to –

  • Create an appreciation of heritage and culture
  • Establish a connect between heritage of the past and its relevance in present-day society and encourage hands-on participation of local communities with heritage and culture
  • Be inclusive, diverse and widespread in its reach to as many sections of the city (and beyond) as possible for whom it is difficult to access the Museum and its offerings

‘The Museum on Wheels’ is a dedicated Museum bus carrying travelling exhibitions of the Museum to distant places in a customized air-conditioned bus. The bus is fully equipped with display cases for objects, interactive demo kits, art supplies, audio-visual equipment and digital media such as touch screens and digital tablets to set up exhibitions in semi urban and rural areas, aimed at providing information and insights into a wide range of subjects in a fun and interactive manner.

The project commenced from March 01, 2015, which was the mobilization month. Museum on Wheels activities commenced from April 01 2015. Since then, the Education department was involved with preparing for the Museum on Wheels’ first exhibition- selecting objects, making interactive replicas and models, audiovisual content and educational programming. The Museum on Wheels finally rolled out on October 20, 2015 on its first visit.

What happens when the Bus is in our neighbourhood?

It’s gala time! You can visit the exhibition, participate in workshops and enjoy fun activities such as storytelling, films and craft!

The Museum will organise fun educational activities and workshops around the exhibition inside the Bus. There will be events that offer opportunities for artists and performers within the area to participate and showcase their talent.