Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

Museum Kids Club


Calling all city kids! To be a part of the Museum!

The city’s first ever Museum Club for children, where they can discover the Museum, interact with cultural artifacts and express themselves in a scrutiny free environment. The Museum Kids Club for children of age 6‐14 years. The Club meets one Sunday every month for a fun play-n-learn activity. Our delightful thematic programmes include object based, hands-on activities and interesting programme, which add a fun element to school learning. Our activities and interesting programme add fun element to school learning. Our activities help encourage children to think, interact, discuss and debate which help develop analytical skills, communication, confidence and team spirit.

What is Museum Kids’ Club?
MKC is a fun place for children to learn‐n‐play and discover the Museum and our heritage.

What do you do in this club?
We meet on one Sunday every month to explore and enjoy a part of the Museum with a workshop or a trail or a demo activity.

How will MKC help me?
Our delightful thematic programmes include object‐based, hands‐on activities and interesting programmes, which will add a fun element to your school learning. Our activities will encourage you to think, interact, discuss and debate which help you develop good thinking skills, communication skills, gain confidence and develop a team spirit.

How will I know about the activity?
You will receive monthly mails about the fun activity of the month.

Do I have to pay anything for these monthly activities?
Just pay a one‐time membership is all you to have to pay and all the activities are free for you! You can even pick your membership from the subscription below:

Annual subscription: 2800/‐

Six‐month subscription: 1800/‐

We are now also offering a new format of membership to the members at a consolidated sum of Rs. 12,000/- which will offer long term membership to participants between ages 6yrs to 14yrs of age. This membership would entail a one-time payment of Rs. 12,000/- following which the child can remain a member until he reaches the age of 14.

How do I sign up for MKC?
Easy‐peasy! Just fill out a registration form and make the payment for membership.

What else do I get from MKC?

  1. You and your family members (parents + 1 sibling) can enjoy free entry to the museum anytime any day during your membership period.
  2. You will get a chance to participate in special enrichment activities every month.
  3. You can be one of the lucky few who get to go on our exclusive behind‐the‐scenes tours.
  4. You will also enjoy up to 30% discounts on paid workshops/ activities conducted at the Museum.
  5. You and your family will be invited to all special events conducted at the Museum.

For any other information:
Contact the Education Officer at or +91 22 2284 4484/4519.

Click here to download registration form