Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

For Students

Documentary films

  1. History’s Greatest Mystery (Subject: Harappan Civilisation)
  2. Timeless Art (Subject: Indian Sculpture)
  3. Timeless Portrayal (Subject: Indian Miniature Painting)
  4. Timeless Evolution (Subject: Natural History of India)
  5. Indian Arms and Armour (Subject: Indian Arms and Armour)
  6. In Harmony with Nature (Subject: Warli painting in Maharashtra and Gujarat)
  7. Tana-Bana (Subject: Textiles in Gujarat and Rajasthan)
  8. Black Gold of Bidar (Subject: Art of Bidri making)
  9. Spirit of Beauty (Subject: Himalayan Art)
  10. Krishna Through Story and Song (Subject: Krishna in Art and Culture)
  11. Jhini Jhini
  12. Timeless

Booking Information

Booking must be made a week in advance. All sessions are conducted on request and as per availability. Email for bookings and more information or call at 2284 4484/4519