Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

Groups with Special Needs

Blind-School-Visit The Museum is dedicated to working for enrichment of groups with special needs or the underprivileged groups as part of its Universal Accessibility initiative.Entry to the Museum is FREE OF CHARGE. The Museum organises special programmes and activities for such groups on a regular basis. Various interactive programmes are also conducted for these groups with little or no charge. NGOs and concerned organisations can get in touch with the Education Department for more information on planning a visit.

Tactile Tours

The Museum conducts tactile tours using replicas, accessory collections, large print and Braille text for mainly for visually-impaired
visitors (groups of 10 – 35 persons). This programme also includes prior
training to volunteers, docents and caretakers accompanying the visitors.

How to plan Tactile Tours?

  • Tactile tours must be booked a month in advance at least. 
  • Volunteers will be required to come for orientation and training before the actual visit. 
  • There should be one volunteer for 5 persons. 
  • To prepare for a tactile tour, read the Guidelines carefully. 

For enquiries contact or call the Education Officer at 2284 4484/4519.