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In Relief and in the Round: Sculptural Works at the Mughal Court

Sunday, November 08, 2020, 05:30pm - 07:00pm
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3rd Dr. Devangana Desai Endowment Lecture

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About the lecture:

The Mughal contribution to the formation of new and splendorous styles of architecture, paintings, textiles and all forms of decorative arts is well-known throughout the world. There is one area of their artistic creation, however, that has not been studied in detail – Mughal sculptural art. Contrary to the general understanding, three-dimensional sculptures and sculptures in relief were produced in large numbers at the instance of Akbar and his successors. Fashioned in different materials — stone, metal, ivory, wood, precious and semi-precious stones — these objects were produced for architectural components, memorials, court accoutrement, personal adornment and other uses. An attempt will be made in this talk to present a select number of objects to highlight Mughal tastes and creativity towards novelty and intrinsic beauty.

About the speaker:

Dr. Asok Kumar Das is an eminent scholar and known worldwide for his outstanding contribution in the fields of art history and museum studies. He has delivered talks on various aspects of Indian art and culture, with special emphasis on Mughal and Rajasthani paintings. He also has several publications to his credit.

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