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Tabla Solo Tradition by Dr. Aneesh Pradhan

Saturday, May 19, 2018, 06:00pm
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Tabla Solo Tradition

Photograph by Kartik Rathod

Recognised as one of India's foremost percussive instruments, the tabla has played an integral role in providing rhythmic accompaniment to multiple musical genres, Kathak dance recitals, theatrical and cinematic productions, advertisement jingles and experiments with electronic music. But the rich vocabulary of the instrument and the creative genius of several generations of tabla players, have also enabled the instrument to enjoy solo status. This illustrated presentation will focus on the rich and varied solo repertoire that has developed in different gharanas or schools of music. In this presentation, Dr. Aneesh Pradhan will be accompanied by Dnyaneshwar Sonawane on harmonium.

One of India’s leading tabla players, Dr. Aneesh Pradhan is a disciple of the illustrious table maestro Nikhil Ghosh from whom he inherited a rich and varied repertoire of traditional tabla solo compositions from the Delhi, Ajrada, Lucknow, Farrukhabad and Punjab gharanas. Greatly appreciated by both the cognoscenti and the lay listener as a soloist and accompanist, Dr. Aneesh Pradhan is the recipient of several awards. A popular performer at most prestigious concerts and festivals in the country, he has traveled widely and performed overseas at major events. He has earned a doctoral degree in history from the University of Mumbai.

3rd Dr. Fredie A. Mehta and Mrs. Keti F. Mehta Memorial Programme

In collaboration with the Museum Society of Mumbai

Auditorium, Visitors Centre