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Friday, May 04, 2018, 06:00pm
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20th KJK Lec

"Detail of wall-painting in a page of Jami's Panj Ganj, showing Zulaykha with Joseph, by Mushfiq 1606-7. Cleveland Museum of Art"

The splendor and opulence of Mughal palaces, garden pavilions, and other monuments in Agra, Fathpur Sikri, and Lahore dazzled the eyes of all visitors, Indian and Foreign. Virtually nothing has survived the elements and depredations over the centuries. An attempt is being made in this illustrated talk to present passages of wall-paintings that once embellished the private chambers and public halls of the Great Mughals as shown in court and reception scenes painted by the masters of the Taswirkhana.

Asok Kumar Das is interested in any subject connected to Indian art and culture, especially of the Mughal era, and museums and collections dealing with these areas. Author of many papers, articles and books, he is now writing a book on Mughal wall-painting

20th Karl Khandalavala Memorial Lecture

In collaboration with the Museum Society of Mumbai

Auditorium, Visitors Centre