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Seminar on Mughal Miniature Paintings

From Monday, April 15, 2019 -  05:30pm
To Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 07:30pm
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Venue – Auditorium, Visitor’s Centre

Day 1 / 15 April

The Mughals and their long journey from Ferghana to the fertile plains of Hindustan, and foundation of a new dynasty; their conception of history and contribution to its making through personal memoirs; minute recording of activities and compilation of administrative measures; the making of the Taswirkhana; arrival of master artists from Persia and induction of master painters from different parts of the Subcontinent leading to the rapid development of a distinct style; paintings as album pages and illustrations to manuscripts or as embellishment of palace interiors.

Day 2 / 16 April

Vignettes of Mughal travels, wars, sports, courtly activities, family life, as revealed by paintings treated in their atelier;their faith; assimilation of Akbar's personal ideas leading to interaction with Sufi saints; Hindu pandits, Nath Jogis and Sanyasis, Jains, Parsis and with the Jesuits; continued by his successors as demonstrated through a series of high-grade images.

Day 3 / 17 April

Their interaction with nature as revealed through day-to-day accounts of Babur and Jahangir and paintings on subjects like fables, animal tales, mythical accounts, followed by pictures of shikar, animal sports, flowers and flowering trees, and finally by commissioning top class animal portraits by world-class animal painters like Ustad Mansur - leading to lively records of rare birds and animals brought from distant places and countries.

Asok Kumar Das has spent most of his working life chasing the Mughals through the multitude of paintings created in their sprawling Taswirkhana, starting with a dissertation, Mughal Painting During Jahangir's Time for Ph.D at the University of London way back in 1967. He has traveled far and wide in search of everything connected with the Mughals. Working in leading museums or shorter and longer spells he had to look after all other non-Mughal artefacts as well. He is struggling now to complete three different projects in the next few months.

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Please arrive by 5:25 pm as seating will be first come first serve. Tea will be served at 6:15 pm in the recess.